Have you eaten chicken wings the right way? Watch this video to find out

If we had to name one dish that chicken lovers can’t resist, it would undoubtedly be a steaming bucket of crispy chicken wings. Whether it’s game night or family movie time, who doesn’t love to dive into a bucket full of chicken wings? But are you tasting the chicken wings correctly? And by this we don’t just mean picking the meat and putting the bones aside. A recent viral video that has taken the internet by storm claims to demonstrate the proper way to eat chicken wings. This clip was shared by an Instagram meme page with the caption “So I’ve been eating chicken wings wrong this whole time.”
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It opens with a woman holding a piece of chicken wing in her hands. To demonstrate the proper way, she holds the piece between her teeth and pulls out the bones from both sides, leaving only the fleshy part in her mouth. When a man in the next picture saw this, he was stunned. Out of curiosity, he goes ahead to check if this way of eating chicken wings is correct or not. After the demonstration, he places the chicken between his teeth and pulls out the bones from both sides. After all, it turns out that this way of eating chicken wings is correct. Take a look at the video below:

The viral video has left the internet divided. While the majority of users say that this is the most unhygienic way to eat chicken, many claimed that this way is also wrong as you cannot dip it in any sauce. One comment reads, “You’re eating wings wrong if you don’t dip in the ranch.” “Nah, I have to pick out all the stringy fat bits and yucky stuff inside. I’ll never bite into chicken or anything without pulling it apart first,” said one user. Another commented: “Ewww no! The veins that are still in there, I have to pick them out.” Whether it’s kitchen hacks, cooking tips, or time-saving bite-sized recipes, we’re lucky to be a part of the Internet era and get to experience it all. While there’s no shortage of videos online, the ones involving food are definitely our favorite. One such clip showing the easiest way to peel garlic went crazy viral. Watch the clip here:
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