Google Updates Its Advertising Policies For Crypto Coin Trusts: Here’s Everything To Know

Amid the ongoing growth of the crypto market, Google has announced changes to its advertising policies. The search engine giant has decided to allow cryptocurrency trusts to display ads, but under certain terms and conditions. For years, promotional content has been around crypto sector has drawn attention from international governments and tech giants to protect the investing community from risking their savings in high-risk digital assets. The lack of regulatory clarity surrounding the crypto industry also kept players away from major advertising spaces.

From 29 January 2024, cryptocurrency advertisers mutual funds will be able to market their products to the masses in the US via Google ads. Google however, has advised all advertisers to comply with local laws before publishing crypto-related advertisements via Google Ads, in addition to being certified by Google.

“Advertisers promoting cryptocurrency exchanges or cryptocurrency wallets are allowed to advertise through Google Ads, but they must be certified by Google and their products must meet all local legal requirements in the country or region they wish to be certified for. To be certified, advertisers must meet local licensing requirements,” Google explained on its Official site outlining advertising policies.

Now, cryptocurrency coin trusts, as explained by Googleare the financial products that let investors trade shares via trusts that hold large pools of digital currencies.

As in this example, Bitcoin and Ether ETFs, which may or may not be approved in the US next year, could be announced if they get the green light. These ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds let people invest in BTC via traditional market exchanges instead of being limited to cryptocurrency exchanges.

That US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will likely issue its verdict on these ETFs in January 2024 — around the same time Google plans to implement changes to its advertising policies.

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