Google pays tribute to MS Dhoni with number 7

'Thala For A Reason': Google pays tribute to MS Dhoni with number 7

“The message is clear. Thala for a reason,” reads the caption for the post.

Of late, social media has been filled with a plethora of posts centered around MS Dhoni’s jersey number. Some people just post photographs of the number 7 with the phrase “Thala for a reason”, while others associate it with various objects. Fans and followers of the former Indian cricket captain relate anything and everything to the number, including the seven vows in a Hindu marriage and the colors of the rainbow. Amidst this, Google India also paid tribute to the athlete and shared a post about the same on X, formerly Twitter.

“The message is clear. Thala for a reason,” read the caption of the post. It highlighted the significance of the number 7 that has come to be associated with “Captain Cool”. Google India also shared an image of a laptop with seven tabs opened on Google Chrome, with MS Dhoni searched in all of them. More pictures of the Indian cricketer are also displayed on one of the tabs. Meanwhile, a search query “What is special about the number 7” is printed on paper and placed in the foreground. “There are seven colors of the rainbow, seven days of the week, the seven wonders of the world, seven great oceans and even the total number of continents is seven! No other number has as many connotations and references in so many different fields as the number seven. So it’s really a very important number,” was the response to the query.

As cricket fans continue to celebrate MS Dhoni’s career, Google’s post sent a wave of emotions among followers who appreciate his many achievements on the field.

Since it was shared, the post has garnered over four lakh views and nine thousand likes.

“The message is clear. Thala is the King of Cricket,” said one user.

“This trend started as troll material. Little did they know this man’s influence is so massive that this will end up making one hell of a statement. Goattt,” one user added.

A third person added: “This is no longer a meme, it’s a statement. The message is crystal clear.”

“Man he retired 3 years ago without using social media and yet he is trending and multi billion dollar companies are posting about dhoni, no one can match this aura,” remarked one user.

Another added, “bridge will remain relevant for eternity.”

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