Google Maps misleads US travelers into desert during dust storm

Google Maps misleads US travelers into desert during dust storm

The group was reportedly trying to avoid traffic on Interstate 15.

Relying on Google Maps for navigation took an unexpected turn for a group of Californians returning from the recent Formula 1 race in Las Vegas. Instead of a smooth journey, they found themselves on an off-road adventure on the way back.

According to SFGATE, Shelby Easler, her brother Austin and their significant others were on their way back to Los Angeles on November 19th when they used Google Maps. Instead of taking Interstate 15, the major freeway that connects Southern California to Sin City, the app suggested they take an alternate route to avoid the dust storm that caused major Sunday traffic delays.

“We ironically thought it would be a safer solution and it said it would be 50 minutes faster,” she told SFGATEover Instagram DMs. “It was our first time driving to and from Vegas, so we didn’t know that you can really only take I-15 out and back.”

Google Maps unexpectedly diverted the group’s vehicle off the main road and into the harsh Nevada desert terrain. Shelby’s viral video reveals that their off-road adventure was not an isolated incident, as a trail of cars can be seen following their trail.

“The first driver to turn around spoke to us to tell us that the higher up the mountain you go the road gets washed out and we have to turn around as the path leads nowhere. He was sitting in a huge truck and just drove straight through bushes and bushes to let people know to turn around,” Ms Easler said SFGATE.

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