Ed Sheeran crashes the couple’s wedding in Las Vegas and surprises them with a new song

A couple who got hitched at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas were shocked by a famous wedding crasher this week: Ed Sheeran. The singer burst into the chapel and played an unreleased song “Magical”, much to the surprise of the bride, groom and their guests, This is written by Entertainment Tonight.

Sheeran posted video of the serenade on Instagram. “Crashed a wedding it’s magical,” he wrote.

Sheeran, 32, was in Vegas for a concert that was canceled on Saturday due to what he said was a “security issue”. According to a news report Sheeran shared in an Instagram postshow at Allegiant Stadium was canceled late Saturday due to a floor problem that caused two towers that were part of the stage to move.

“It was a safety issue and we really tried to do the best we could to make the show happen, but I won’t risk the safety of my fans for anything,” he wrote in the caption. “I’m really sorry, this was very much out of my control, but I take full responsibility for everyone who was excluded from the cancellation.”

Sheeran said the crew believed the show would still go ahead until the last minute before it was cancelled. He said a make-up show will be held on October 28, but there is an option to refund those who do not want to attend.

It looks like Sheeran tried to make the most of his Vegas trip, despite the canceled show. Not only did he crash the wedding, but he signed as a witness on the couple’s marriage license.

The bride and groom, Jordan Russel and Carter Linden of Austin, Texas, also posted the video of Sheeran’s surprise on Instagram, writing: “Still processing what an unforgettable moment this was! Thank you [Ed Sheeran] to truly make our special day magical.” CBS News has reached out to the couple and is awaiting a response.

This isn’t the first time Sheeran has surprised unsuspecting fans. Earlier this year, he took the stage at a karaoke bar in Nashville and sang a Backstreet Boys song with the excited crowd, according to Entertainment Tonight.

He is also known for playing outdoor pop-up shows in cities such as New York and Dallas. But he doesn’t just sing. Sheeran has also surprised fans by dishing up pizza at a restaurant in Pittsburgh and serving cheesesteaks in Philadelphia.

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