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Drew Barrymore has apologized for resuming production on her talk show amid the ongoing Hollywood writers’ strike.

The actress posted a tearful video on Instagram after facing days of public criticism for her decision to bring The Drew Barrymore Show back to CBS – with striking writers accusing her of being a “scab”.

Barrymore said the situation is “so complex” and her intentions were “never in a place to upset or hurt anyone”.

She also issued a tearful apology to writers and unions.

“I know there’s nothing I can do that’s going to make this OK for those it’s not OK with. I fully accept that,” she said.

“I don’t know exactly what to say because sometimes when things are so tough it’s hard to make decisions from that place.

“So I can only say that I would take responsibility and no, I don’t have a PR machine behind this.”

Explaining why she decided to resume production on her show during the strikes, the ET and 50 First Dates star added: “I wanted to do this because, like I said, it’s bigger than me and there’s other people’s job at stake.

“And since I was launching live in a pandemic, I just wanted to make a show that was there for people in sensitive times.

“And I weighed the scales and I thought, if we can continue during a global pandemic and everything that the world has experienced through 2020, why should this equate us?

“I own this choice. We are in agreement not to discuss or promote movies and TV that are affected in any way.”

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A spokesman for the SAG-AFTRA union said the talk show’s return does not violate the ongoing strike.

“The Drew Barrymore Show is produced under the Network Television Code, which is a separate contract and not entered into. It is permitted work and Drew’s role as host does not violate current strike rules,” the spokesperson said.

The fourth series of Barrymore’s talk show is set to launch on September 18.

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