DIY recipe: Make these crispy potato spirals and enjoy with your siblings

The party is on and people all over India are celebrating different festivals back to back. After marking the festival of lights Diwali, we are all set to enjoy Bhai Dooj with our siblings soon. That means it’s time to put on your chef hat and cook delicious food for your brothers and sisters. As usual, we’ve got your back. We found a delicious recipe that would instantly lift the look and feel of the party you’re throwing for the family. It’s the crispy potato spirals.

What makes crispy potato spirals so unique?

These potato spirals, also called tornado potatoes, twisted potatoes or tornado fries, are popular street food in South Korea. Over the years it has become popular all over the world and today you will find it being sold in street carts across cities. Although these are deep fried potatoes, what makes them unique is the spiral shape. Making the ribbon-like shape is nothing short of art. And this is exactly where we help you.

Tips to remember when making crispy potato spirals:

1. Choose the right kind of potato to get the shape.
2. Soak the sliced ​​potatoes in cold water to remove excess starch.
3. Pat the potatoes dry before frying to ensure crispness.
4. Make sure the oil is hot enough for even frying.
5. Fry these potatoes in small batches to ensure even crispiness.

How to make crispy potato spirals:

Start making a perfect batter by using maida, rice flour, corn flour, Kashmiri red chilli powder, jeera powder, salt, coriander powder and garlic cloves.
Now take the ribbon potatoes, hold them together with a skewer and dip in the batter. Heat the oil and lower the temperature. Deep fry the potatoes and wipe off the excess oil. Sprinkle chaat masala and mayonnaise on top and serve. Sounds delicious, right?
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Watch the detailed recipe video below:

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