Delta passenger’s missing dog found safe after 3 weeks in US airport

Delta passenger's missing dog found safe after 3 weeks in US airport

Mrs. Rodriguez was separated from her dog

After nearly a month of anxiety, a passenger dog was found at an Atlanta airport three weeks after Delta Air Lines lost it. Delta Air Lines passenger Paula Rodriguez’s 6-year-old dog, named Maia, was lost in August at the airport.

According to airport officials, Maia was found by the airport’s operations team hiding near the northern cargo facilities. “Tired but in apparently good health, she was transported to a vet and is expected to return home soon,” airport officials wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

According to one CNN report, the accident began when Mrs. Rodriguez and Maia were on their way to a two-week vacation to California from their home in the Dominican Republic. But when they arrived in Atlanta for a layover, Ms. Rodriguez was informed by Border Patrol that her visa did not meet the necessary requirements and told her to return home on the next flight.

Ms. Rodriguez was separated from her pet dog and was informed that she would have to spend the night alone in the detention center to await a flight to Punta Cana the following day. “They called a Delta agent who took Maia away from me,” Ms. Rodriguez told CNN.

The next day, she arrived early at her plane’s gate and anxiously awaited her reunion with her dog. But Maia never came. Ms. Rodriguez was forced to board the next flight because of her visa problem.

“Everybody who knows me knows what she means to me,” Rodriguez said. “I don’t go anywhere without her. She’s so well behaved that I take her to restaurants, literally everywhere. She’s my partner in everything.”

Two days after Maia disappeared, a Delta representative contacted Ms. Rodriguez to share the unfortunate news. “He said she was transported (to the plane) on the runway and the staff had opened her kennel and she had escaped onto the middle of the runway,” she told CNN.

When Rodriguez’s tourist visa was canceled, she sent her mother to Atlanta to help look for the dog.

Weeks went by without any updates from Delta until the good news came last weekend.

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