Dancers Dressed as ‘Nun’ Join Garba Event, Internet Divided

Video: Dancers Dressed As 'Nun' Join Garba Event, Internet Divided

The place where the video was recorded is not known.

A video of two people enjoying the Garba night while wearing ‘The Nun’ costumes have gone viral on the internet. The clip, shared on X (formerly Twitter), captured the unique moment when the dancers dressed up as Valak from the horror film ‘The Nun’ participated in the vibrant Garba dance along with other people dressed in traditional attire. The duo hit the Garba steps at the gathering and also caught the attention of several people around.

In the video, the two dancers can be seen wearing long black dresses along with a scarf reminiscent of the look of the Hollywood horror movie character. They are seen hitting the dance floor with their dance moves during the Navratri celebrations. They danced with several people who seemed more than welcoming of their presence.

“Product built for Silicon Valley trying to fit into the Indian market,” one user hilariously wrote while sharing the clip on X.

Watch the video below:

Several people shared the entertaining video on the micro-blogging site, which received a flurry of reactions from users. In the comments section, while some dubbed the clip as “Halloween garba”, others were quite offended and slammed the duo for ruining the tradition.

“Exploring the intersectionality between Garba and Halloween,” one user jokingly wrote. “This is fun,” commented another. “I hope they won the best dressed award,” wrote a third user.

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But one user called the video “terrible” and said, “..I have no words. What kind of nonsense is this? Garba is a religious ceremony performed to honor Goddess Maa Durga. As such, doing something like this is blasphemy!” ! Don’t play with our religion! Maa Durga is full of life, it’s terrible!!”

“It’s not funny at all. They should be punished for mocking Devi Maa. Garba is not a dance or fancy dress show. It’s about worshiping the Goddess. The current generation is totally spoiled,” added another.

The place where the video was recorded is not known.

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