Cyclist sees herd of cows coming towards him, here’s what he did next

Cyclist sees herd of cows coming towards him, here's what he did next

The video has accumulated almost 13 million views

Cyclist Andrew O’Connor was cycling in the mountains of northern England when he stopped for a snack – that’s when he saw a herd of cows coming towards him. A desperate farmer called out to him to help stop the rogue cattle going down the road.

Wonder what he did then? Well, Mr O’Connor got in front of the cows and shouted “stop” as he held up his hands. Surprisingly, the cows stopped and the farmer reached the cows before they moved any further.

Sir. O’Connor shared the video of the incident on Instagram, writing: “The weirdest thing that ever happened to me on a bike ride. It involved a heard of runaway cows.”

Watch the video here:

The video has accumulated nearly 13 million views on Instagram along with 1.5 million likes and numerous comments.

One user joked: “Polite cows, they’re like oh ok.”

Another user wrote: “I love how normal it sounds to the farmer: ‘Stop them!’

“I like that you asked what to do and immediately followed the instructions. You are a helpful man,” commented the third user.

The fourth user wrote: “I would tell this story non-stop. ‘I stopped a whole horde of cows with my bare hands’.”

“I had said the same thing happened to me in Scotland but it was a bunch of sheep. They ignored my commands and ran past me making noises like they were laughing. I felt so humiliated,” said the fifth user.

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