Craving Aloo Tikki? Try this Sindhi version for an irresistible weekend treat

Aloo tikki is one of those snacks that we can never say no to. The feeling of biting into a crispy tikki topped with yogurt, sweet and sour chutneys and bhujia is just irresistible and would make anyone drool. Its popularity is evident in the countless street vendors selling this tasty snack in every corner of your city. Since the weekend is here, it’s the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to this delicious snack. But this time, let’s give the regular one Hello Tikki take a break and try something else. Here’s a Sindhi version of this beloved street food that’s perfect for satisfying your weekend cravings.
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What is Sindhi Style Aloo Tikki?

This Sindhi version of aloo tikki is nothing short of extraordinary. Unlike regular aloo tikki, this one has the added crispness of bread slices. Not only this, it is also filled with delicious chana dal filling which gives this tikki an upper hand on the flavor profile. The crispy outer layer perfectly reveals the soft and delicious filling inside. It tastes so good that it will make you forget about regular aloo tikki. You can enjoy it with simple pudina chutney or even top it with yogurt or tamarind chutney to enjoy a burst of flavor in your mouth. It makes an ideal snack to pair with chai and enjoy on the weekend.

Sindhi Style Aloo Tikki Recipe: How to make Sindhi Style Aloo Tikki

To make these tikkis, trim the edges of the bread slices and place them in a bowl. Add a little water and let them soak for a minute or two. Now add the mashed potatoes together with cornmeal and salt. Mix well and set aside. Heat a little oil in a pan set over low-medium heat. Add chopped ginger, jeera, onion and green chillies. Sauté until the onions become transparent. Then add chana dal, garam masala and salt. Give it a good mix and cook for 2-3 minutes. Add the coriander leaves and stir well. Turn off the burner. Divide the prepared potato and bread mixture into equal portions. Fill each with the chana dal mixture and shape into tikkis. Heat oil in a kadhai and carefully push in the tikkis and deep fry until golden brown and crispy. Serve warm and enjoy!
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For the complete recipe for Sindhi style aloo tikki, Click here.

Try making this mouth-watering tikki at home this weekend and enjoy it with your loved ones.

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