Coconut eggs are the latest bizarre food combination on Twitter, would you try it?

Coconut water is widely regarded as one of the best natural beverages. On a scorching sunny day, sipping this refreshing drink straight from a green coconut is a favorite pastime. In addition to its delicious taste, coconut water offers a wide range of health benefits. But in today’s world of unconventional food experiments, where bold combinations like Fanta Maggi and chocolate samosas have made waves, even the humble coconut water has not been spared. In a video posted on X (formerly Twitter), a daring culinary creation emerged mixing eggs with coconut water. After watching the video, the foodie community didn’t hesitate to share their unfiltered opinions.
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In the video, a man can be seen removing a piping hot coconut from the oven. Once retrieved, he uses a knife to separate the outer covering. After the casing is removed, a cut is made at the top, revealing the boiling coconut water inside the fruit. He then proceeds to crack an egg so that the egg white can gently flow into the coconut. Then add the yolk and mix the contents thoroughly with a fork. Finally, the coconut is wrapped in black polyethylene. The caption attached to the video humorously says, “Indian food bloggers should not watch this.” Take a look:

Here’s what people said after seeing this bizarre combination: One user wrote, “This is cruel. A natural food is being spoiled. Even if idli batter is added, my reaction would be the same.”

Another user asked: “What kind of nonsense is this?”

“This is a criminal act,” one person wrote.

Someone said, “Experiments of this kind will destroy the originality of the coconut.”
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