Chaos breaks out among tourists when tiger was spotted during safari

Watch: Chaos breaks out among tourists as tiger spotted on safari

The video received several negative reactions.

Exploring nature on safari is typically an adventurous experience that excites people. However, there are instances when these journeys become challenging and irritating for tourists, especially when circumstances take a tumultuous turn.

A video circulating on social media has captured the disturbing behavior of a group of tourists on a safari. The video shows tourists making an uneasy situation for a tiger as it tries to walk along the side of the road. The video has sparked outrage among viewers, with many condemning the tourists’ actions as inexcusable. The video was posted on the social media profile of Parveen Kaswan, an Indian Forest Service officer.

“Tiger safari somewhere, video via WhatsApp. What must the tiger be thinking?” he wrote in the caption.

Watch the video here:

The video begins with a scene of tourist vehicles blocking the road and effectively trapping a tiger. The tiger, apparently unfazed by the commotion, continues walking along the road, undeterred by the loud shouts coming from the vehicles.

The widely shared video of tourists harassing the tiger has garnered over 4 lakh views and 1,700 likes in just one day, sparking outrage among viewers.

“Wherever this video belongs, a few people in charge of supervision (forest department) should be suspended and some of the vehicles involved in this should be blacklisted for life. It’s terrible if we treat wildlife like this,” commented a user.

“How can this ever be allowed? This is completely absurd. Tigers are not for entertainment and they do not exist to promote tourism. Where is this picture from? What is being done to stop this? This is too serious,” wrote one other user.

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