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A man accused of repeatedly stalking celebrities has been arrested for barging into a dressing room at a New York City fashion show and screaming that he wanted to marry Emma Watson, police said.

Chad Michael Busto, who was arrested last month after attempting to approach Drew Barrymorepleaded not guilty to criminal trespass and disorderly conduct charges in the incident, which took place last week at the Ralph Lauren show at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The 43-year-old was released without bail. He next appears in court on October 2.

Emma Watson

According to prosecutors, Busto entered the fashion show’s dressing room last Friday night and screamed, “I want to get married Emma Watson. Let me talk to Emma Watson. Let me take a picture with Emma Watson.”

Busto, who did not have permission to be at the fashion show, became angry when asked to leave and refused to do so, according to authorities.

It is not clear whether Watson – best known for playing Hermione Granger in Harry Potter – was at the fashion show. Other stars who have attended that day include Jennifer Lopez, Julianne Moore and James Marsden.

Last month, Busto was arrested in Southampton Town, Long Island, after police received reports that he was riding his bike up and down private driveways looking for Barrymore.

Days before, he had interrupted an interview on stage in Manhattan, where Barrymore was interviewing singer and actress Renee Rapp.

Busto had approached the stage and shouted, “Drew Barrymore! “My name is Chad Michael Busto. You know who I am. I need to see you sometime while you’re in New York, okay?”

Barrymore proceeded to leave the stage unharmed with Rapp as security escorted Busto out of the theater.

Last week, after Busto failed to appear to be fitted with a court-ordered GPS tag, a magistrate in Southampton issued a warrant for his arrest.

Busto, who has been linked to shelter and church ministry addresses in California and Washington DC, has a history of arrests and unusual behavior. His record includes previous arrests for trespassing, disorderly conduct and indecent exposure.

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In a handwritten lawsuit last year, Busto claimed he had been awarded ownership of the Hilton hotel chain. The case was quickly dismissed.

Other lawsuits under Busto’s name include one that seeks to challenge the prison terms of all criminal defendants in “every prison on planet Earth.”

In a 2021 lawsuit, Busto wrote that he was “born with power” and that his parents are “more to blame for my entire existence as two people than the one (kind of) person I’m generally considered to be!”

Another Busto trial consisted mostly of Pokemon cards.

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