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Carol Vorderman has quit her BBC radio show over the company’s new social media guidelines.

The former Countdown co-host said she was “not prepared to lose [her] vote on social media”.

Ms Vorderman told the BBC Wales management had decided [she] must go out’ as she had ‘broken the new guidelines’.

She has presented the Saturday morning show on the station for the past five years.

Ms Vorderman said it had been explained to her that the new guidelines would apply to “any and all content” she posted over the year.

This was “in spite of [her] Show that you are light hearted without political content,” she added.

She said she did not want to lose the ability to express her “strong convictions” about “the political turmoil this country is in”.

“My decision has been to continue to criticize the current British government for what it has done to the country that I love – and I am not prepared to stop,” she said.

“I was raised to fight for what I believe in and I will continue.”

Earlier this year Dagens Match was the host Gary Lineker was taken off air by the BBC after criticizing the government’s asylum policy on social media.

New guidelines were then introduced by the broadcaster, which state that high-profile BBC presenters should be able to freely express their views on political issues as long as they stop campaigning.

Ms Vorderman previously told the Sky News Daily podcast that she would “wait and see” what the guidelines were and “make a decision based on that”.

“I’ve had all sorts of experiences with broadcasting, some of them not so good,” she said.

“The vast majority of them are wonderful. So I’m a very lucky woman. Life is what life is.”

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In a statement posted on X, formerly Twitter, Ms Vorderman thanked her listeners and said: “You made me laugh so much.”

She also said she was “sad to be leaving the wonderful friends I’ve made at Radio Wales”.

“I wish them, and all our listeners, all the love in the world,” she added.

ONE BBC The spokesperson said: “Carol has been a presenter on BBC Radio Wales since 2018.

“We would like to thank her for her work and contribution to the station over the past five years.”

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