Canadian News Anchor Silences Body Shamer During Live Broadcast

Watch: Canadian News Anchor Silences Body Shamer During Live Broadcast

Leslie Horton is a traffic reporter Global News Morning Calgary.

Canadian news anchor Leslie Horton received widespread praise for her powerful response to a viewer who disparaged her on live television. The incident occurred while Horton was delivering his usual traffic report on Global News Morning Calgary. During the episode, she addressed a viewer email criticizing her appearance and questioning whether she was pregnant.

Ms Horton took a moment to address the email directly, saying: “I just want to respond to an email that I just got saying, ‘Congratulations on your pregnancy’.”

She continued, reading out the email’s cruel message: “If you’re going to wear old bus driver pants, expect emails like this.” “So thank you for that,” she replied sarcastically.

Ms Horton then addressed the person criticizing her outfit directly, responding to the body-shamer’s comments about her outfit choice.

“No, I’m not pregnant. I actually lost my uterus to cancer last year,” Horton said. “That’s what women my age look like. So if that’s offensive to you, that’s unfortunate.”

She ended her message on air: “Think about the emails you send.”

Ms Horton’s response has been widely praised on social media, with many praising her for standing up to body shaming and promoting self-acceptance.

“You are a cancer warrior and a champion for women everywhere! Keep doing what you’re doing!” commented the Canadian Cancer Society.

“Cancer or no cancer Leslie, you’re fine in my book. Bump the haters if it’s not something of a positive nature; ignore it and keep doing you,” another user wrote.

The rise of social media and digital media has unfortunately led to an increase in body shaming among people on screen. Celebrities, athletes and even ordinary people who appear in online content are often subjected to cruel and hurtful comments about their bodies. This can have a devastating effect on their mental health and self-esteem.

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