British mother finds cigarette butts and ashes in her children’s “Happy Meal”

Happy Meal and McDonald’s are synonymous and we cannot deny it. This is because apart from burgers, fries and nuggets, the box also surprised the kids with fancy toys. Well, guess what? Happy Meal surprises its customers, but not with toys. A mother in the UK was left distraught after she found a cigarette butt inside her child’s packet of chips. A person named Gemma Kirk-Bonner was horrified by her discovery and decided to share her shocking encounter on Facebook. The 35-year-old shared the photo of the package on October 18. The photo shows a pair of fritters left at the bottom of the pack with a cigarette butt next to it. If this wasn’t enough to shock you, know that they still also showed some ash lying in the corner of the package. Wait, it’s not over yet. Gemma revealed through a text with the photo that after witnessing this, she even called the restaurant to complain. But instead of listening to her, the staff spoke rudely to her and even cut off the call on her face. Along with the picture, Gemma wrote: “Forget the toy…now comes with cigarette end as ash for extra flavor…Ranged to complain but was rude then hung up on me!!”
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See the picture here:

In conversation with The MailGemma said, “It’s put me off. It’s made me think twice about going to McDonald’s. I usually take my sons on Fridays but I won’t this time, that’s for sure. I’m on to complain to McDonald’s head office.”
Shortly after this post, several users expressed their disappointment in the comments section. Many supported Gemma and asked her to take serious action. One wrote: “Omg this is disgusting I wanted to shake.”
A few suggested: “Post it on their Twitter! Businesses hate bad publicity on social opening”.
One comment read: “It’s awful! It should be happy meals free for life! Trading standards I’d say!”
Some users claimed that a similar incident had happened to them as well. “This happened to my daughter tonight,” read another.
Responding to one of the comments, Gemma said: “I’m literally walking around the house bawling, more annoyed now as no apology at all, just okay ring it down.”

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