British couple gets Rs 11 lakh gas bill after 18 years of uncertainty about payment

British couple gets Rs 11 lakh gas bill after 18 years of uncertainty about payment

The couple have been sent a staggering gas bill.

Staffordshire couple Lee Haynes, 44, and partner Jo Woodley, 45, were hit with an unexpected bill of almost £11,000, the equivalent of 18 years’ worth of petrol in their home. They claim they have made exhaustive attempts to clarify who is responsible for the gas supply and how the payments are to be handled when they moved into the house in 2005.

But the confusion over responsibility for the gas supply left them without a clear solution, and they eventually abandoned their inquiries. Fast forward nearly two decades and the couple now face a hefty bill of £10,824.87 (Rs 10,88,883), adding more to the ongoing dilemma they have endured since settling in their Staffordshire home for almost twenty years ago.

According to Metro News, when the couple moved into their home in 2005, they immediately tried to fix all the household bills, but were unable to find out who was getting their gas. Letters from National Grid and their housing association, both dated 2006, confirm their struggles.

Lee, a school worker, said: “It’s unbelievable – my worst fears about this have now come true.”

“It was very strange. After a few months we had bills for everything but not gas. I was worried about suddenly getting a big bill so I really tried to find out who supplied our gas,” he said.

“The guy from the housing association tried all the suppliers they work with and said he didn’t know what to do. When the ombudsman said to just keep the paperwork and leave it at that, that’s exactly what we did.”

The couple were stunned when they received a letter from gas distributor Cadent in March requesting an inspection of their property. Three months later, Cadent sent them a bill for £10,824.87.

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