Boost your winter immunity with these herbs and spices. Enjoy savings of up to 20%

The winter season has started in full swing and we can’t keep still. Although it gives us a lot of respite from the scorching heat, it is also a time when infections and diseases are at their peak. We mostly stay indoors during these months and this can weaken our immunity. But there are several ways you can boost it, one of which is by including herbs and spices in your diet. Since ancient times, they have been associated with strengthening immunity and thus keeping ailments at bay. Don’t delay any further and stock your pantry with them as soon as possible. If you buy them from MORE using the NDTV Big Bonus App, you will receive gift vouchers on your purchases and up to 20% in app rewards. Download NDTV Big Bonus App from App Store or Google Play, register on the app and link your bank cards to earn these rewards. Do not worry; linking your credit and debit cards to the app is completely secure, so get the most out of your order while you earn.
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Here are 5 immunity-boosting herbs and spices to add to your winter diet:

1. Haldi

Haldi (turmeric) is a staple in Indian households. It is something we have been using since time immemorial. It contains an antioxidant called curcumin, which acts as a natural immune booster. A good way to reap the benefits is by sipping turmeric milk or kadha.

2. Ginger

Another excellent herb to add to your winter diet is ginger. The anti-inflammatory properties present in it help in strengthening the immune system. Make delicious ginger soup or tea to keep colds and coughs at bay. You can even add it to your dishes.

3. Mint

Mint (pudina) is also beneficial for your immune system. It is packed with a wide range of antioxidants and prevents diseases. You can add pudina leaves to lukewarm water and drink it daily. Apart from this, you can even make chutney and pair it with your food.

4. Tulsi

You should also incorporate tulsi in your winter diet. This wonder herb contains antioxidants that can fight a variety of viruses, infections and allergies. Not only immunity, but tulsi also helps improve your overall health and well-being.

5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon not only gives a nice aroma, but it is also beneficial for boosting immunity. It has powerful antibacterial properties that naturally help your immune system keep infections at bay. So add it to your winter diet now to stay fit and healthy.
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