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The CEO of OpenAI – the company behind the viral chatbot ChatGPT – has been ousted after the board said it no longer has confidence in him.

Sam Altman is to step down and will be replaced in the meantime by Mira Murati, who is currently the chief technology officer of the artificial intelligence company.

In a statement Friday, OpenAI said the move follows a “deliberative review process by the board,” which concluded that Altman “was not consistently honest in his communications with the board.”

The statement said Altman’s conduct impeded the board’s ability to exercise its responsibilities.

Altman wrote on social media after the announcement: “I loved my time at OpenAI.

“It was transformative for me personally and hopefully a little bit for the world.

“Most of all, I loved working with such talented people. (I) will have more to say about the next one later.”

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Sam Altman at the AI ​​Summit

Altman helped start OpenAI as a non-profit research lab in 2015.

But in the past year, he was thrust into the global spotlight as the face of OpenAI after ChatGPT exploded into public consciousness.

On Thursday, he attended a CEO summit at the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation conference in San Francisco, where OpenAI is based.

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Altman predicted that AI will prove to be “the biggest leap forward of any of the great technological revolutions we’ve had so far”.

But he also recognized the existential threat posed by the quantum leaps computers are taking and the need for anti-roll bars to protect humanity.

“I really think the world will rise to the occasion and everybody wants to do the right thing,” Altman said.

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