Best Cloud Kitchens in India You Must Try

Food delivery may have been a saving grace in the midst of the pandemic. After all, it’s what keeps going, no matter the occasion! Doesn’t a freshly baked pizza lift our spirits just by smelling it? How about ending your day with some decadent chicken tikkas and kebabs? Even in the midst of the COVID crisis, there were a number of cloud kitchens across the country catering to such food cravings. Also known as dark or ghost kitchens, cloud kitchens are a low-cost model where kitchens are rented out and used for food deliveries that are mostly fulfilled through an aggregator. In such dire times, many large food companies have turned to the cloud kitchen model due to its high demand and low investment. In times when people do not yet go out and miss the restaurant-like food, cloud kitchens have come up as a respite. India has a host of cloud kitchens that have been delivering food for a long time, and it’s time for them to get their share of the limelight.

Here are some of the best cloud kitchens in India that you must try:

1. Cafe RESET:

It’s time for a delicious bowl of salads that are hearty and full of goodness. Cafe RESET offers fresh and exciting salads on their menu that are just waiting to be tried. These salads are a perfect balance of flavor and texture with soft and creamy avocados, feta cheese, boiled eggs and crunchy seeds and berries. For an energizing experience, try their Reset Som Tom Salad, Banana Pizza and Papaya Lime Smoothie Bowl & Fungi Risotto.

2. LiveAltLife

LiveAltLife offers tasty, therapeutic meals carefully designed for your overall well-being. Their carefully selected gourmet meals include South Indian, North Indian, Asian, Continental and International cuisines, making for exciting and healthy meals!

You can choose from their newest dishes Basil Cauli Rice, Spicy Avacado Salad, Potato & Dill Salad, Cream of Mushroom Soup, Grilled Brocolli with Roasted Almonds, Egg Plant Puri Fry and much more.


3. STRIKE Coffee

Like us, do you also miss going out to your favorite cafes to enjoy a hot cup of coffee? If so, then we have found the perfect solution for you. Here is SLAY Coffee, bringing gourmet coffee experience to your doorstep. With more than 130 outlets across India, SLAY Coffee delivers handcrafted gourmet cups of coffee to its customers. And what attracted us the most is the spill-proof, temperature-controlled packaging that keeps the coffee’s aroma and freshness for a long time. So what are you waiting for? Order it today and enjoy a great coffee break between your work.

4. Brgrmeister

Currently having a presence in Mumbai and Pune, Brgrmeister offers an exciting range of must-try burgers and sides. Their gourmet and handcrafted burgers are decadent treats, filled with lip-smacking patties and many layers of toppings. We tried and loved their Nashville Chipotle Chicken Burger, where two solid pieces of fried chicken served as the patty. Chipotle mayo, coleslaw and pickles between the brioche buns provided the perfect accompaniment in terms of taste. We also enjoyed The Veggie Delighter Burger. It consisted of a mouth-watering mixed vegetable patty layered with cheddar cheese, tomato, pickles and lettuce. Among the other offerings, we highly recommend the Korean chicken babies. They were crispy on the outside and had a sweet but spicy flavor that we were happy with.

5. Biryani by Kilo:

In the midst of this ongoing work-at-home situation, it often becomes impossible for many to spend much time in the kitchen. Subsequently, we end up eating the plain dal chawal most days. The same old food every single day can be mundane and monotonous, making us want to skip the whole fuss. Right? But skipping meals should not be an option for anyone, especially when you have Biryani By Kilo to your rescue. To every Biryani lover across India, Dum-Cook brings fresh handi biryani, freshly made for every order. That’s not all. It also comes with an array of kebabs, korma, nihari and more that leave a strong impression on our palate and mind. And for all the fitness enthusiasts, Biryani By Kilo has also come up with brown rice biryani that makes indulgence a guilt-free affair. Sounds delicious, right?


Pictured: Brown Rice Chicken Biryani

6. Meat exchange

In these pandemic times when many eateries were struggling to reach out, Meat Stock Exchange (MSE) has come up with the online ordering platform in Noida. MSE offers a very distinct spread, catering to a wide customer base with a huge selection from cooked, semi-cooked and raw meats to bite-sized dum biryani, juicy kebabs and more. Try their butter chicken and chicken lollipop, soya malai chap and dum biryani. You can buy food based on weight (in kg) which means it is pocket friendly and value for money.

7. Firangi Bake

If you love all things Mexican and Italian, Firangi Bake is for you. From red sauce pasta and lasagna to classic mac n cheese or quesadillas, it has a repertoire of global dishes with bold flavors. Think sumptuous minced chicken lasagna or some quirky quesadillas with chipotle hot sauce!

8. Sweet Truth

Aren’t desserts the answer to all our moods? Whether it’s a festive occasion or a long stressful day, a decadent cake or brownie can make up for anything. And Sweet Truth takes care of it all with everything from classic cakes and dessert glasses to gourmet delights. You can even send some treats to your friends and family!

9. Burger In My Box (BIMBo)

A combination that we can never get over is the classic burger and fries! Burger in my box addresses just that. From delicious veggie burgers to the BIMBO special with super juicy mutton, you simply can’t get enough.

10. Pizza on my plate (POMP)

Pizza On My Plate (POMP) caters to all pizza lovers and has a range of drool-worthy pizzas that they deliver until 4am! Perfect for late night binge watching, POMP has delicious pizzas, burgers, fish and chips, pasta and more.

11. The Biryani basket

Do you love biryanis and tikkas? Biryani Basket should definitely be on the list of Gurgaon residents’ favorite cloud kitchens. From juicy paneer tikka to flavorful chicken tikka, there is so much to offer. They are also offering 1+1 on biryanis for a limited period much to the excitement of Biryani lovers.

12. Deli Salad Co.

Do you love your bowl of salad? Deli Salad Co has everything fresh and light to fit a health enthusiast’s diet! From classic Caesar salad to healthy frilled chicken marinara and Texas chicken salad, choose from a multitude of healthy and satisfying bowl meals.

13. Karate Kitchen

Karate Kitchen might be one of the best places to get your Asian food cravings fixed! From Edamame and Cream Cheese Dim Sums to delicious Kung Pao, Karate Kitchen is a heaven of Asian food.

14. Bhookemon

Living up to its name, Bhookemon has your hunger pangs sorted with everything from Indian, Continental, Asian and Italian. With late-night delivery and an excellent selection, Bhookemon is the one-stop shop for all things delicious.

15. Cross-border kitchens

Perhaps one of the biggest cloud kitchens around, Cross Border Kitchens was launched in early 2019 and has 3 kitchens across Delhi-NCR with 9 incredible food delivery brands across multiple kitchens. Choose from Biryani Central, BroMomo, Aim Burger, Irfan Bhai and more.

16. Oven Story Pizza

With more than 160 outlets across India in just three years of its launch, Oven Story Pizza has tantalized our taste buds with its lip smacking range of cheesy pizzas. Heaven for pizza lovers, Oven Story Pizza offers everything tandoori pizza to drool-worthy cheese delights.

17. Yours Truly Butter Chicken (YTBC)

Butter chicken might be every chicken lover’s weakness, and this cloud kitchen might have it right. With a highly automated state-of-the-art kitchen, YTBC offers a delightful selection of butter chicken with delicious flavors, quirky names and a customizable meal that you won’t be able to resist.

(Also read: Do you love Butter Chicken? Yours Truly Butter Chicken has a whole range to suit all your moods!)

18. Kitchen mantra

Kitchen Mantra has offered quality products in a convenient and value-oriented method since 2008. Freshly prepared and preservative-free dishes give their dishes a unique expression. Over the years, Kitchen Mantra has expanded its footprint and now offers premium catering services in Noida. From casuals to black tie, from salads to tandoori chicken, their personal touch and generations of experience make the difference.


19. Sleazy Sticks

Sinful pan-Asian dishes with a vibrant Japanese twist, Sloppy Sticks brings a medley of irresistible flavors to your doorstep. Sloppy Stick’s signature dishes on the menu include appetizers like lip-smacking Hot ‘n Sour Soup with Truffle Oil, a hearty Pomelo and Tangerine Salad, Spicy Larb Gai, and fresh Crabstick and Avocado Kimchi.

20. Outlet Buddy

Outlet Buddy is just like your regular kitchen, the only difference is that it works online, making it much more convenient for their merchants and other restaurant owners by giving them all a single point of interaction to order food. Therefore, restaurants do not need to shop from several suppliers for raw materials and can simply order all their dishes from one window. “We at Outlet Buddy strive to make life simpler for restaurant owners by providing them with fully prepared dishes, at the right temperature, so a dish simply needs to be heated before it is filled or served, so that it can finally be enjoyed by the customer.” Says Loveneet Singh, founder of Outlet Buddy.

21. Crimsyn patisserie

“Crimsyn Patisserie” was opened during the COVID lockdown in August 2020 by Chef Salonika who holds a Patisserie Diploma from Le Cordon Bleu, London and also holds a Diploma in Pastry Arts from the International Center For Culinary Arts, Dubai. Satisfy your sweet tooth from their wide selection of cakes, cookies, brownies and other desserts. Brownie without flour is a must try.


22. Pizzassy

An amazing selection of pizzas, made from scratch with the finest quality ingredients. Pizza fans of South Delhi, you are in for a treat here! Our pick would definitely be their cheesy mozzarella pizza. Based in Kalkaji, this pizza joint serves up a treat you can’t resist.


23. Bold Punjabi

Craving anything greasy, spicy and dripping with butter? You must try Fat Punjabi’s authentic North Indian food. With a menu full of soul food, this cloud kitchen operating out of Kalkaji has our whole heart.

24. All about chicken

Catering to various taste profiles of chicken lovers, All About Chicken, Noida makes every appetite feel cherished, from those who like all the classics like Crispy Fried Chicken, tasty Sliders, Kabuli and Peri-Peri Fried Tenders to those looking after an endorphin rush with GhostBuster Fried Chicken Sliders, Grilled Bone-in Smoky BBQ Quarters, Angara Fried tenders and Paneer Sliders among many more innovative options. Best enjoyed with a generous serving of in-house special AAC Signature Fries and the highly imaginative AAC Special Slaw. All About Chicken ensures happy hearts from 11 am to 2 am every day of the week!

One can find these cloud kitchens on several food ordering apps in addition to their own websites.

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