Bengaluru’s groundnut seller takes Warren Buffett’s marketing wisdom

Bengaluru's groundnut seller takes Warren Buffett's marketing wisdom

The Bengaluru vendor while selling groundnuts.

Bengaluru is known for its tech-savvy culture and unconventional approach to various aspects. Interesting events from the city often catch the attention of social media. In line with such events and innovation, an image has emerged showing a street vendor using a unique way of selling peanuts.

One user, @vishnubogi, posted a photo that captured the ingenuity of a street vendor. With creative marketing skills, he uniquely promotes and sells peanuts.

Unlike many street vendors who use loud and witty pitches to attract customers, this particular vendor chose a different strategy. He adorned his cart with two posters, one of which creatively paraphrased a famous quote by American business magnate and investor Warren Buffett that emphasized the importance of never losing a customer. The second rule reinforced the importance of observing the first.

The second poster described the nutritional benefits of peanuts, highlighting their value in terms of protein, unsaturated fats, fiber, vitamins E and B, minerals and their role in preventing heart disease.

In a separate event in September, an auto-rickshaw driver from Bengaluru caught the attention of a passenger for his unique marketing approach. The driver had printed his Instagram handle on the front of the vehicle with the aim of increasing the number of followers.

GrowthX founder Udayan posted a photo from inside the autorickshaw, with the driver encouraging customers to tag him in posts about their experiences on social media.

“I won’t lie, I love the hustle and bustle,” the GrowthX founder praised the driver’s entrepreneurial zeal, citing it as a prime example of the unique qualities that characterize Bengaluru.

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