Bengaluru Woman’s Bumble Reach Leads to Investor Offering

Bengaluru Woman's Bumble Reach Leads to Investor Offering

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The constant search for opportunities to increase one’s wealth is ingrained in the people of Bengaluru. Entrepreneurs and investors thrive in this city, also known as India’s startup hub. This phenomenon was demonstrated in a recent event involving a woman who received a business proposal from an investor based solely on her amazing Bumble profile.

The story began with Bumble user Eepita Gupta, who shared a screenshot of ‘X’ showing an investor approaching her due to her active involvement in the dating app.

The investor suggested Ms. Gupta could monetize her popular Bumble profile early in their conversation. At first, Gupta thought it might be an exaggeration, but the conversation quickly took a different turn.

The investor said, “You know you should be making money off your Bumble profile. If you get that many impressions on it.”

He further added: “You can include a line promoting my fund and encouraging the founders to contact me if they travel. If I end up investing in any of them, I’ll give you a percentage of the completed interest from these companies.”

Ms Gupta responded “Hahahahah” because she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, but the investor insisted he was serious.

She then shared her amazement on social media with the caption: “Ya girl being offered interest because of her Bumble reach. If this isn’t @peakbengaluru I really don’t know what is.”

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