Bengaluru man shares story of Uber driver who left job at Google to explore city

Bengaluru man shares story of Uber driver who left job at Google to explore city

Bengaluru is known for its unique culture and attraction that keeps inviting people, especially from the IT sector, to work there. A user on X (formerly Twitter) has shared the story of a former Google employee who works as a driver for Uber Moto. The user, Raghav Dua, posted a video of himself riding with the Uber Moto driver, saying he moved from Hyderabad to Bengaluru to “explore the city”. The post, which was shared on Sunday, has been viewed more than 63,000 times.

“My Uber Moto driver is ex-google, moved to Bangalore 20 days ago from Hyderabad. He’s just doing it to explore the city it seems,” Mr Dua said in the post.

Other users were impressed with the post and shared their own experience in Bengaluru.

“It’s really fascinating! I hope you had an interesting conversation during your trip,” commented one user. “Yes, I’ve personally experienced that too,” said another.

Many users called it another ‘Peak Bengaluru’ moment, a term associated with the sensational happenings happening in the IT hub of India.

Earlier this month, a video showed a woman working on her laptop while riding a bicycle through the congested streets of Bengaluru.

The video was posted on Reddit and quickly gained traction online.

The story of an autorickshaw driver in Bengaluru also became a hit on social media a few weeks ago. Manasvi Saxena, co-founder at MoMoney, shared how his Uber driver worked in both UPI app Juspay and auto app Namma Yatri, which is owned by the payments app.

“My Uber car driver tonight was the Chief Growth Officer at Juspay doing user research for Namma Yatri. If this isn’t peak Bengaluru, what is,” the user said.

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