Bengaluru man finds live snail in salad ordered from Swiggy. The company responds

Video: Bengaluru man finds live snail in salad ordered from Swiggy.  The company responds

Swiggy called the incident “appalling”.

A man in Bengaluru was disgusted after finding a live snail in a salad he ordered from a local restaurant via food delivery app Swiggy. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), user Dhaval Singh shared his unpleasant experience to warn other customers. He also shared a video showing the live snail resting on top of the vegetables in the salad he ordered from local restaurant chain Leon Grill. “Never ordering from @LeonGrill again!” he wrote in his post, adding, “Swiggy, do whatever you can to ensure this crap doesn’t happen to others…Bengaluru people, take note”.

The video showed a bowl full of lettuce with a small snail resting on top of some vegetables. in the clip, the insect is also seen moving.

Take a look below:

In the comments section of the post, Mr Singh revealed that not only did he receive the contaminated salad, but his drink order was also incorrect. To make matters worse, he claimed that when he raised a complaint against Swiggy, the food delivery app only offered him a partial refund. However, Swiggy soon refunded the entire order amount to Mr. Singh.

The food delivery platform reached out to Mr. Singh on X and asked him to share the details of his order. The company also called the incident “terrible.”

Singh shared the same incident Save your as well. “Ordered a salad. Had a live snail in the salad… Luckily I noticed. Never ordering from this place again,” he wrote. He stated that the experience left him “utterly disgusted”. “Raised an issue about Swiggy. First they offered partial but soon offered a full refund,” he elaborated in the comments section of his post.

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Singh shared the post just a few hours ago and since then it has garnered more than 18,000 views. The post has also accumulated tons of comments.

“Swiggy should blacklist the restaurant ASAP! I have also come across food from this restaurant that was either reheated or spoiled,” wrote one user. “No surprise to me. It’s already happened. Worst hygiene, care and responsibility,” shared another. “

“It’s scandalous! Now a days Swiggy has become clueless. Few days ago the delivery manager stole my order and the customer support there confirmed the same. They took almost 20 days to refund it, I also had to ask everyday. Ugh! It was annoying,” said a third user.

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