Bad Hair Day: Women’s hair gets tangled in electric beaters. Video is popular

Technology has undeniably simplified the processes involved in cooking and baking. Modern kitchen gadgets, smart appliances and user-friendly apps have made it more convenient for people to explore and experiment with a wide variety of recipes. However, this increased reliance on technology in the kitchen is not without its challenges. While gadgets and apps aim to streamline the cooking process, we occasionally find ourselves facing unforeseen problems, leading to mishaps. With great technology comes the occasional kitchen blooper. A video circulating on the internet shows a woman trying to show off her baking skills when she accidentally got her hair tangled in her electric whisk. Talk about a “bad hair day” taking on a whole new meaning!

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The Instagram video shows the woman confidently using an electric hand mixer to whip the dough. As she playfully engages the camera and sticks her tongue out teasingly, her long curls inadvertently come dangerously close to the mixer. In an unexpected twist, some of her hair gets entangled in the device, leading to a moment of panic as she takes a step back and lets out a startled scream. Luckily, a quick-thinking friend intervenes and quickly shuts down the machine before helping her untangle her hair. The video ends with the woman looking visibly shocked.

The caption accompanying the video humorously advises, “People, ponytails please,” reminding viewers of the importance of keeping their hair tied while using kitchen gadgets.

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Watch the video here:

One user joked: “There’s a new method for curling hair. Using a blender as a conditioner and using a combination of sugar and eggs as a fixative.”

Another commented: “She’s the reason there are directions on a shampoo bottle.”

One person added: “This is why every cooking class teaches you to tie your hair before you cook.”

“This is what happens when someone focuses more on how they want to look on TikTok than what they’re currently doing,” read one comment.

For some, it was “the definition of being stupid.”

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