Auto driver races against time to help man catch his train

'Peak Bengaluru': Auto driver races against time to help man catch his train

The car driver drove against the clock and drove past the traffic.

In recent times, Bengaluru, India’s start-up capital, has become the subject of several internet memes highlighting things that could only happen in the city. The internet is awash with incidents of “peak Bengaluru” moments, a term associated with the attention-grabbing incidents that happen in the IT hub of India. In a similar incident, an auto driver in Bengaluru raced against time to help a customer catch his train. The man stated that he was late to leave for the railway station and had to travel 17 kilometers in the notorious Bengaluru traffic to catch the train.

“Had a #peakBengaluru experience a few days back. I was supposed to board Prashanti Express at 1:40 PM from SBC station and due to some work commitments I started at 12:50 PM from Marathalli. The distance was 17 km and due to traffic u couldn’t reach on time.while my cab was just entering station road some curious motorists started asking am i here to board prashanti express i said yes and they were all like ‘it’s gone ‘. I still saw the train in the ‘where is my train’ app and so decided to move to the platform,” Adil Husain wrote on X.

However, he later found out that the train had left. An auto driver met him and told him not to worry and that he could help him board the train at the next stop, which was 17 miles away. Sir. Husain added, “He said I can help you board the train at the next station which was 27 km away (Jelhanka junction), I was skeptical but he was confident he could and only asked to pay him if I was able to catch trains. I had my friend with me and he asked 2500 for both.”

The user said that there was barely half an hour for the train to reach the next station. He added that if he booked a flight, it would cost him three times more than the rail ticket. “By this time it was already 1.50am and the yehlanka stop was at 2.20pm. I was thinking that if I were to book a flight now it would cost three times the price and my 2AC ticket would also be wasted and therefore we decided to leave. for me,” he added.

The car driver drove against the clock and drove past the traffic. “For the next 25 minutes we experienced the craziest car driving ever. The driver zoomed past the traffic and took as many shortcuts as possible. He even waved past some of his friends who were in the same pursuit to catch the train for some other passengers such as eg us,” the user continued.

Sir. Husain said he reached the station on time and saved a lot of money. “We reached the station comfortably at 2:15 and had 5 more minutes while the train arrived. Thanks to this guy we saved a lot of money. Also a thought occurred that this is such a good example of ‘Opportunity in disaster'”.

“This guy waits for people like me who tend to be late for the train and challenges to get there before the train and in the next 20-25 minutes he earns 2500. If he even does it once every day, he would end up earning 75000. a month,” he added, thanking the auto driver for saving his money and time.

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