Andrea Bocelli shares voice update after last-minute Boston, Philadelphia cancellations: ‘It rarely happens’

Andrea Bocelli cancels the Boston concert shortly before showtime

Andrea Bocelli cancels the Boston concert shortly before showtime


BOSTON – One night after Andrea Bocelli canceled his concert in Boston at TD Garden with fans already in their seats, a similar situation played out in Philadelphia on Thursday. And now the Italian singer has issued a statement about the “health challenges” affecting his world-famous voice.

Just as he did in Boston, Bocelli came out on stage in Philly to tell ticket holders that he was unable to sing. He played the keyboard to accompany a performance by his 11-year-old daughter, according to posts from attendees on Social Media.

While many fans wished him well, others said they were frustrated by the last-minute cancellations, which organizers say will be made up at a later date.

“Wish he had canceled earlier in the day instead of an hour after the concert was supposed to start,” one fan commented to his Facebook page. “He will reschedule at a later date, but the hotel and travel expenses are a big loss.”

Andrea Bocelli statement on health challenges for his voice

In Boston is 65-year-old Bocelli told the crowd, “I tried my best to sing tonight, but I can’t.” That new statement from the singer, shared below, goes into more detail. Bocelli, who has sold more than 80 million albums, says this “rarely happens.”

“The voice is a gift I have received, it is an instrument entrusted to me: I have always considered it my precise duty – and an honor and a grace – to be able to share it with those who will listen to it . For this reason, as long as I gain strength, I will continue to travel and sing. For this reason, especially on tour, I preserve it with the rigor of an athlete, aware of the privilege and responsibility that I perceive, respect first and above all the public, but also the great amount of people and professionalism involved, and thanks to that, life takes a concert.

It happens that an unexpected problem forces you to stop. It rarely happens and in thirty years of militant concert playing I can count them on one hand and yet this time it happened and I had to accept it.

I am truly sorry, first of all to each of those who once again extended their kindness to me and invested time and money to listen to me.

Even in this case, everything is in the hands of the good God, and what I can do, today as every day of my life, is to raise my eyes to Heaven and give thanks, and pray and whisper, ‘Thy will be done.’ I look forward to seeing you again soon, my dear American friends.”

Upcoming concert dates for Andrea Bocelli

Bocelli’s next show is scheduled for the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut on Saturday night. According to the venue’s website, the concert is still ongoing.

According to Bocelli’s websitehis remaining 2023 tour dates are Baltimore on Sunday, two shows in New York next week and two shows next weekend in Hollywood, Florida.

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