Anand Mahindra shares video of the tornado omelette

'Heading To The Kitchen': Anand Mahindra shares video of Tornado Omelet

Anand Mahindra called the dish “brilliant and so simple”.

Industrialist Anand Mahindra, who is quite active on social media, regularly posts about trending topics and engaging stories for his 10.8 million followers. Recently, Mr. Mahindra took to X, formerly Twitter, to share a video of an interesting dish he called the “tornado omelet.” The businessman stated that although his cooking skills are limited, “this will add significantly to my repertoire.”

The omelet is very similar to a classic, but with a twist and is prepared with chopsticks and a certain dexterity. In the short clip, a man is seen melting butter in a non-slip frying pan and then pouring the egg mixture. He lets it settle and then brings in the chopsticks. He then uses the chopsticks and pulls two sides of the omelet into the middle. Later, he holds the chopsticks still and turns the pan handle with his other hand. This twists the omelet into a tornado shape. The man then leaves it for a few seconds and serves it on a plate.

Impressed by the same, Mr. Mahindra wrote on the microblogging platform, “Say hello to the ‘Tornado Omelet’. My skills as a cook are limited to breakfast and brunch. But this will add significantly to my repertoire… Brilliant. And so simple.” I’m on my way to the kitchen… Wait… where are the chopsticks? #Sunday”

The Tornado Omelet is a famous dish from Korea. The eggs are just one part of a Korean meal known as tornado omurice, which consists of a spiral of scrambled eggs topped with a mound of rice and curry.

Since being shared, his post has received over one lakh views and two thousand likes.

“Wow! This is an amazing piece of art, more than food,” said one user.

“And that’s the right way to cook eggs, removed at the right time. People cook eggs so wrong,” another person added.

Another added: “I would have added a slice of butter for extra flavor and a non-stick case.”

“Very beautiful. The hard part is making sure the heat is symmetrical and choosing the timing,” commented one user.

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