After roasted milk tea, Caramel Chai is the unusual tea twist that is taking the internet by storm

Tea is not just a heart-warming drink enjoyed at any time of the day. For many, it is almost a necessity, without which they feel they cannot survive. Tea has always been our best companion on all occasions, from having it at a roadside stall to sipping some to kill boredom during long train journeys. Tea also comes in several flavors like other hot drinks, but not everyone enjoys experimenting with it. A few weeks ago, a video showing the preparation of ‘roasted milk tea’ took the internet by storm (Read the full story here). Many people were not fans of this chai variety. There is another tea twist making the rounds online known as caramel chai or caramel tea. Wonder how the internet reacted to that? Find out below.
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In the scroll uploaded by Instagram user @foodiebyheart, a person starts making tea by first adding sugar. She then lets it caramelize before adding a little water and mixing it. Next, she adds tea leaves, cardamom and milk. She lets the liquid come to a boil before straining it over a glass. Watch the full video here:

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The clip has collected more than 3 lakh views on the platform. The comments section seems pretty divided on how appetizing this version of chai is. While some seemed willing to give the caramel chai a try, many argue that it’s best to stick with the original.

“Fantastic taste,” read one comment.
Another declared, “will make it.”
A third said: “It looks delicious.”
“It just takes common sense to know it tastes bad/burnt,” wrote one user.
Another said the caramel tea “tastes bitter”.
“It tastes very bad,” another person commented.
One pointed out: “The comments are so confusing.”

What did you think of this tea flavor? Are you tempted to try it? Let us know in the comments below.
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